Tuesday, June 7, 2011

9 month update

Hey all! It's been a while, I know!!! Shame on me! I've just been so busy!!! I have done more stuff these past few months than I have done in 3 years, and it feels GREAT! I've been going to the river and cooking out with friends, going to a PUBLIC pool, and cheering for my brother-in-law every weekend at the races. (he races a Late Model dirt track car)

I also have gotten back into riding horses, which I have desperately wanted to do for a while now, but always felt I was too big. I almost cried the first time I got back on one, and I have attached a pic of me. Forgive the helmet, hubby made me wear one "in case I fell off". I swear, that man is going to be an awesome daddy some day....

Anyway, on to my stats. I have lost 85lbs. I currently weigh 248, and I am almost 9 months out. It's not exactly where I wanted to be by now, but hey, I'll take it! I was almost 100lbs heavier this time 2 years ago, so that alone is an accomplishment. I do contribute my slower weight loss to not exercising like I should and not being strict about what I eat. I have gotten better, and went back to grilled chicken and salads for supper. I have also started eating tomatoes, which I am very proud of!!! I have been growing Ryan tomatoes for a couple of years now, and thought I ought to try what I have worked so hard to grow.. and I surprisingly liked it.

My momma said one day I would grow up and not be so picky, and ya know... I think she was right! (imagine that)

Me and Ryan - Easter 2011

First time in 7 years on a horse!!!