Tuesday, November 23, 2010

3 Month Update

Hi Y'all!

Month 3 has been pretty good to me. I am weighing in at 267, so I am -64lbs and feeling GREAT! At 265.5 I will officially be 1/2 way to my goal weight of 190!!! That is so exciting! I'm wearing size 22 pants and 2x tops comfortably. All my old clothes are starting to hang off me. In fact, I've boxed up most of them and got them ready to yard sale this spring.

Last Friday I went to the movies to see Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows: Part 1, and I actually fit in the seats comfortably! It was a little snug since I was sitting by my friend who is the same weight/build I am. It was a world of difference from the last movie I went and saw, which was sometime in the summer when I was at my heaviest. At the movies I snuck in my own water bottle (they charge $4 for a 20oz Dasani!) and bought a small popcorn, thinking I would probably be able to eat most of it. NOPE!!! I actually ate so little of it, I couldn't successfully "roll up" the bag to keep it from spilling over when I sat it on the ground! Normally I would have polished off a large popcorn and coke AFTER stopping for some dinner. I hadn't even ate supper before HP7, and needless to say I didn't after either! Another miraculous thing happened: when the movie was over, I threw away the uneaten popcorn. Before VSG I would have took it home (if there had been any left) and ate the stale leftovers.

So to sum up, in month 3 my mind is starting to catch up with my body. I feel like I am getting more "in tune" with my Sleeve, and interpreting its signals better.

Hope everyone has a Happy Turkey Day!!! Good luck to all those celebrating their 1st Thanksgiving with WLS (myself included)!